The Luxury of Hysteria

by Tim Rogers

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released September 29, 2007

Produced by Tim Rogers, Jimi Maroudas and Mel Robinson. Mixed by Jimi Maroudas at Sing Sing Studios. Engineered by Jimi Maroudas and Robin May. Assisted by Jarrad Hearman, Tony Tucker & Alex Beck. Recorded at Sing Sing Studios and Woodstock Studios. Mastered by Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz at Deluxe Mastering. All tunes written by Tim Rogers. Arrangements by Mel Robinson.

Shane O'Mara: Lute, Guitarsenal
Ian Kitney: Drums, Percussion both tunes and otherwise, Stretched goatskin & Bosphorous Cymbals
Peter Lawler: Bass, Throat manipulation, Hammond organ, Wooly mammoth horn
Louis Macklin: Piano
Mel Robinson: Vocals & Cello
Christina Katsimbardis: Violin
Rebecca Chan: Violin
James Munro: Viola
Jack Howard: Trumpet
Michaeli Mowat: French Horn
David Mowat: Trombone & Tuba



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Tim Rogers Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: A Quiet Night In
You want some calm you want some quiet
But it ain't gonna come tonight
Thirst for knowledge, a hunger for sleep
But a fear to ever go that deep
Who's that pink faced rake in the window
A eucalypt struck dumb in the snow
Who likes receiving things per se
Almost as much as throwin them away
Woe betide, who finds out which side you're on
The agony begins, to maintain a quiet night in
The pests infest and leave messages, in trails
Like you should get out more, or less OK?
I'm tunin' in, while tuning out, the sitting goose
Even the vermin won't let me loose
Sunset calls on up the cavalry
Baying for blood, baying for meat
Please forgive, but don't condone
Now, my need for you extends from what i've shown
Track Name: A Most Ordinary Set of Events
Once you've had a thought can you just pardon it,
Gone again
It's equations like this that have got you
Gripping the rails amen
Of that old barnacled barge
Barely noticing the scars
Then a most, ordinary set of events
Have purloined any logic and a common sense
I caught her smilin' secretly
Nothing particular you could see
I traced the creases in her cheek
On a half full train the dozens of imaginations framed
And not even my spite could snuff out all those dancing flames
I caught her lipstick regard
The sweet and tender part
A most, ordinary set of events
Could purloin all yer logic and a common sense
We're smilin secretly
Nothin particular you could see
I traced the creases on her cheek
Til i realized what i need
And i stepped out alone
Left her there alone
So we'll go on alone
Once you've had a thought can you just pardon it,
Gone again
It's equations like this that have got you
Grippin the rails Amen
Track Name: When Yer Sad
To be alone is to be foolish
To be alone is curiously noble
To be alone ain't to be lonely
To be alone keeps you mobile
Don't be surprised when you come back
From yer pre dinner ablutions
If i haven't found a reason
To be alone it's my only solution
I didn't think i could fall apart by degrees
Didn't think it'd be the ghosts that i grieve
I just didn't think..
When yer sad, the night begins and you get some chances again
To be alone is to feel the slap o the sun
To be alone is yer aegis
To be alone keeps a loose regime
To be alone keeps you faceless
Don't be surprised when the deal is done
If you don't blush from yer soles to yer carbuncular nose
Why did you spend all (up) that dull energy
Just to be alone
I didn't think the postures a luxury
Didn't thank the lessons in patience and greed
I just didn't think....
And when you sleep. perchance to dream
And when you sleep,perchance to dream on something other
Than need for cover
The means becomes the end
Track Name: Wise Words
Wise words, ain't always kind words
Sometimes those invitations make you wanna duck and hide
Yer best friend, sure wants yer hurt to end
But she or he will save yer skin, over yer pride
You looked me straight in the eye
Ignorin' the pleas from my forehead
So stern and weak from the brow
You got to the heart of it anyhow
And that's the reason we're still clingin to the wreckage now
Sweet smiles, don't always last the miles
Just like a postcard's for fridges but a letter is there for keeps
Pretty scenes, aren't always what they seem
It's a dirty ol' fistful that'll pull
You outta the deep you looked me straight in the face
Unrecognizable as Darwin's finches
So stern and weak from the brow
You got to the heart of it anyhow
And that's the reason we're still clingin to the wreckage now
Still waters can run inert
Coagulate from the nothin' they've learnt
Hard request to take
Harder requirement to make
Track Name: You Absolutely Charming Man
When did it all stop just, bein' fun
When frivolity's a necessity from yer britches, up thru' to yer lung
it's no more just, switching off the sun
It's a way of closing the day before it's begun
Here comes the song
let's march it home
Damn me if the days aren't long
Coagulation in your synapses, the sundown shakes, the memory lapses
Filled up hours, goddamn those summer showers
Another reason to close the blinds,
blunt the long day's blade, it's scythe
Reduced to just a dull, consistent, whine
Here comes the grin
and then the lowering of the chin
Bugger me when did the day, begin
I'm dumb enough to be star struck
Wise enough to know our luck
But was i really just that stupid
Didn't you throw me over yer shoulder that night
Oh, you absolutely charming guy
A thousand pardons will never buy
A horse, a clue, and somewhere far and dry
Holdin' court with yer, heavy lids,a flash of brylcreem and nitrogen
A nod and a wink, see you at the choruses end
Grace and danger, the grip of a brazier,
the reason to swing, my midnight's saviour
I just don't think, it's in to the corpuscles yet
Maybe it can't
How can it just be, this bad
Fuck me if the days aren't sad
Track Name: Goodnight Boys
Goodnight boys, i've had my fill
I'm regretting each word that drips from my gills
I'll gather my longings, my peacock suit
Goodbye boys, to all of you
The best friends, money could buy
Never there in the crunch, how could you even try
I won't go home i'm not gettin straight
Just lost the need to try
After the sawdust has settled down
Another 'll slide in, perchance to drown
Didn't leave a shadow just a dent in the wall
Goodnite my boys it's time to go, goodnite my boys, it's time to go
Under the regime of goin' stray
With the 12 percent of what i've retained
I'll covet the the rye grin, the glint in yer baby blues
Try supplant the hatred i just can't lose
The best friends when yer eyes get crossed
Yer language is supine, yer words are exhaust
Damn all the warnings, the pain in my bones
Is it really this hard to go
We've been thru the trenches with our clown shoes on
Across the great divides for a jerks fandango, elephants tiptoe
Who was keepin tabs, on the toll
(Surely you know)
So lift up yer snifters, and cross yer chests
inhale yer thumbnail there's no option yet
Never there in a crunch,what did i suppose
Goodbye my boys it's time to go
Track Name: Jimmy's Delicate Condition
He'd lay out clippings o' newspaper, circled around the bed
Color supplements, a quote, a starlet from the red carpet
Because mornings torpor could kill with a drag of it's claw
And no other distraction (could quite do it) like the press on the floor
He'd need a florid, whisper in his ear when he's down on his knees
One day i'm gonna get myself together please
Howling to Jehovah, to keep his guts in his bones
Not rainin' on porcelain what did i really do wrong?
There'd be cooking suggestions, social pages, notes to self
Fluorescent yellow squares with directions on how to get well
Wicked asides from a juiced socialite,through an olive pip
That he'd use in in unpleasant company when first... lit
He's need a poetic bent to circumvent the dull, sure.. ache
One day i'm gonna get myself together, yeh... one day
Howling to Yahweh, to keep his guts in his bones
Not hailin' on porcelain where did i really go wrong?
This life's quiet
I feel it peel and then divide me
This life's quiet<br>But from now on...
Track Name: Correspondence
You don't waste a word
And round these parts that's a novelty
You could put a meter on it
All that useless energy
Even tho i know
That your blood, it steams
It's a surprise what i thought was yours for keeps
Well you keep some o that just for me
Sometimes, the noise is deafening
Like wild rain
Thunderin from the ocean again
With no repent, it just repeats
With military regularity
And then there's you, a blush upon the cheek
A droplet, winding it's way down the leaf
You don't waste a smile
And in this town that's a mystery
When lights are set to fry, guns set to stun
It's a wonder there's a moment between anyone
And it's true that i don't understand
Your rhythms, or your rhyme
I just tap my foot like the deaf man
Pleased to get the swing sometime
Track Name: Things Gonna Get Ugly
Things are gonna get ugly, things are gonna get mean
Somehow i just don't care, somehow that's obscene
For a handwashin hermit who think he deserves it, a life solitary
This ain't such a bad ol' place to be
Yeh, but things gonna get messy, things gonna get mad
Like Bette Davis n Joan,
we should be left alone in our cushion laden pads
My peccadilloes are gonna get up yer nose,
but when we clear the casualties
This ain't such a bad ol' place to be
Couldn't say i'm the optimist
I see the crumbs, you see the crust
Prime for drippin that oil right down yer sleeve
You see the thistle i see the thorn
See the fight i see the scorn
We could meet on the edge, throw ourselves, in the deep
Wouldn't be such a bad ol' place to be
Things sure gonna get ugly
Things gonna get slipshod, things gonna get misplaced
We're gonna wake up in starts, remembering promises made
But when we survey the damage,and replace the sharp cutlery
This aint such a bad ol' place to be
The cupboards are bare, somethin livin in the sink
tragedy's stacked up, just beside the drinks
Prime for sluicing ouselves down to our knees
You see the thistle i see the thorn
See the fight i see the scorn
We could meet on the ledge, throw ourselves into the deep
Wouldn't be such a bad ol' place to be
Yeh but things sure gonna get ugly...
Track Name: The Luxury of Hysteria
Nights were made for adventures, the days for plans
Afternoons for temperature drops and that sickening landing
She hated him in spurts, and not just for his wandering loins
She never could trust that region, hell, he was still a smooth skinned boy
A good lookin boy's vicissitudes always left her mouth agape
So his cruelty was a dull surprise from which she could escape
To the image of his eyes well up to a Salvation Army band
Or go misty at Michael Parkinson
when the actor shaped his memories with his hands
Whoever said that broken hearts were, made to mend
Has never seen that girl fall apart,
as the band strikes up Amazing Grace again
The first year was rage, she bought a bike, and with each thrust of a leg
Broke his ribcage while in flagrante on a backpackers bed
In between oxycontin blackouts she'd, drain the tea
Leave it to go cold as she cried long, asleep between her knees
The second year was sadness, bought new bed clothing, new bed wear
the sweat was coagulating with that crap put in his hair
thought bout a dog, or a cat..maybe some wild life
my ventricles are calloused i need to trust a set of eyes
Whoever said that broken hearts were made to mend
Has never seen that girl fall apart,
as the band strikes up Amazing Grace again
Now she aint windswept, winsome an Austen, or a Bronte fair
Spends nights with cuddlin' a five string guitar and a bottle o' Courvoisier
But it's the ones you never expect, the ones you never planned
that'll plant their smirks in yer head..
while you tug at your undulating waistband
Yeh even this big tough ol' world is molten at the core
Volcanoes try to dispose what they can no longer hold
Whoever said that broken hearts were made to mend
Has never seen that girl fall apart, to Michael Parkinson again
yeh, as the band strikes up, Amazing Grace again
Track Name: James the Second
Damn these methods of communication,
Makin it easier to blurt out things you instantly regret
Where does that leave us brother when our preparatory ritual
Is ten cold cans, a rack and a pack o duly taxed cigarettes
I still check the weather page, to see if it hit freezin on the Lancashire map
And i wonder if you do too, i aint gonna tan i'm gonna stroke again
You should hear the band man
Sometimes i think it's gonna ignite rip off my freakin hand
You should hear the band man
Sometimes i think it's gonna rip on off my freakin hand
Goddamn those plans
Somewhere you know that this damn things
still just yours and mine
I always thought it was for the beer, the festivals or shows
But it's been near on 10 years now, the mystique round you grows
Now yer 3 girls they're so pretty, little english roses
I'm still shit at buying presents, surely by now they know
should we make plans for London, i'll get there once more please
Don't believe half o what you hear, i still got some faculties
But don't go jumpin in front of night cabs for the theatre or the buzz
There's been too much of the dramatic stuff
Damn these geographic lines
Makin events of our simple times